At WPCB we like everyone to be mobilized in serving God and others, as much as they are able. We are all part of a team together, where each one has their own gifts and plays their part, and each person has their own significance (cf 1 Corinthians 12:12-27) . At the same, it is good for the church to have some whose role is to oversee and guide the church. At WPCB we have Elders and Deacons to fulfill this role (cf 1 Timothy 3:1-13, 1 Peter 5:1-3). In order to be freed up for the Lord’s service, we also have some people who serve vocationally, as staff of the church.

It is often helpful to draw attention to some people as points of contact, especially for new-comers. Below is a list of our current staff…

Geoff Findlay (Senior Pastor)geoff-face-160x180

“God turned my life upside down when I was 18. I had been intent on making a name for myself as a scientist, but He showed me I was a sinner whom He was intent on saving and setting free. I said I would do anything anywhere in the world to serve Him, except preach & pastor – I hate public speaking.  God showed me who is sovereign in all things – after 11 years working as a physicist, my church persuaded me to enter the ministry as a preacher & pastor. What a privilege it has been to serve the Presbyterian Reformed Church in Wangaratta for 11 years,  and then in 2005 be called to serve this church in Canberra! I continue to be surprised at what God can do with someone who is well out of his comfort zone. I am also amazed at how blessed I am to have such a wonderful woman as Lesli to be my wife. Together we delight in the 6 children that the Lord entrusted to us, most of whom are already spreading their wings in His service.”

Craig Johnson (Associate Pastor)craig_face-240x270

“I first got to really know God through Religious Instruction during primary school, but it was only during university that I properly began to understand the free gift of God’s love and forgiveness in Jesus the Christ. This was a life re-focusing occasion as I knew I wanted to live for the one who died for me. Surrounded by other earnest Christian friends, God put a desire and burden in me to both understand the Scriptures, and to help others to understand them as well. But it was only in 2016 that I took up Bible teaching ministry vocationally, moving to Canberra to serve in WPCB. Prior to that I had worked in Queensland as a teacher in a Christian school for 11 years, followed by employed and self-employed work in IT, while also being involved in Christian service voluntarily, especially among international students and visiting scholars (including seven years serving with the Overseas Christian Fellowship at Griffith University). In the midst of those years I also completed a theological degree at Queensland Theological College. I look forward to what God may do, as I continue to learn what it means to live for Jesus with my whole life, whether that be as a husband, father, pastor, or whatever other aspect there may be to my life!”

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