Our Team
Westminster Presbyterian Church - Belconnen

Our Team

At WPCB, we like everyone to be mobilised in serving God and others, as much as they are able. We are all part of a team together, in which each one has their own gifts and plays their part, and each person has their own significance (1 Corinthians 12:12-27). At the same, it is good for the church to have some whose role is to oversee and guide the church. At WPCB we have elders and deacons to fulfill this role (1 Timothy 3:1-13, 1 Peter 5:1-3). We have a Church administrator to support the leadership.

Our previous Pastor, Geoff Findlay, passed away early in 2021. We praise God for the many years of Geoff’s faithful ministry among us. 

Our Pastor

“I was saved through faith in Jesus Christ at the age of 15. I had the blessing of being raised by Christian parents but, it was at the age of 15 that I asked Jesus into my heart and entered into new life as a disciple of Jesus. After high school and university, I began what would become a 20-year career in the media, working as a newspaper journalist. While studying at university, I married Leona, whom I had met through church, and we were later blessed with three children. I loved working in newspapers and had no intention of going into pastoral ministry. But from the early 2000s, I began to feel God’s call to study His Word at Bible college and dip my toe in preaching. I started to feel an irresistible call into pastoral ministry and, after having spent some years chipping away at a Bachelor of Theology, I was called to serve as pastor at Grace Presbyterian Church Morayfield in 2014. In late 2020, I was asked to consider a call to serve as pastor at Westminster Presbyterian Church Belconnen (a sister church of Grace Morayfield). After much thought and prayer and with Leona’s support, I accepted the call and began serving as a pastor at WPC Belconnen in April 2021. After spending 20 years in media, being set aside to preach and teach God’s Word and proclaim the good news of salvation for all who believe in Jesus Christ has been an ongoing source of joy. The more I study God’s Word, the more I am amazed at and in awe of the beauty and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the truth and divine wisdom of His Word to us. Serving at WPC Belconnen is a great joy – this is a church that has grown and thrived under Geoff’s gracious and faithful ministry. We warmly invite you to come along to our worship services or midweek ministry and join us as a church family as we follow Jesus together.’

Darren Burnett (Pastor)
Westminster Presbyterian Church - Belconnen - Darren

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Jen Finlayson works on Tuesdays in the office. All administrative matters are dealt with by her.

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