Join us at Christmas!

Anyone is welcome to come and join with the people of WPCB, as we specially remember Jesus at this time  We have our normal church meetings on Sunday (24 DEC), at 9:30am and 6:30pm, as well as another gathering on Christmas day (25 DEC) at 9:30am. All of these will have a Christmas focus. If […]

Christmas Fellowship Tea – Sunday 10 Dec

This Sunday evening (10 December), instead of our normal Evening Service, we will have a special end of  year celebration, with a Christmas theme. Arrive by 5:30pm for dinner together, and afterwards will include singing Christmas carols, and also people sharing about some things God has been doing in the church this year. Anyone is […]

Jesus is the Christ! (Morning Series)

We are returning to our series from the Gospel According to John, starting on Sunday 29 October. Come and join us as we consider Christ together! 29 October: “Whoever is of God hears the words of God” (John 8)

WPC National Assembly 2017

The National Assembly of our denomination is being hosted by WPCB this year. The formal commencement is on Sunday night, 22 October, at a special evening worship service. It will include the Lord’s Supper and a light meal will be served afterwards. Anyone is welcome to join us, and Pastor Craig Newill from WPC Bull […]

The Five “Solas” – Evening Series

This year marks the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther posting his “Ninety-Five Theses”. God used this spark to start what became known as the Reformation. On Sunday night (30 July) we will start a series in the evening on a set of truths that are essential to Biblical Christianity, and which were at the heart […]

Hope-Filled Grief (23 July PM Service)

At our Sunday evening service (23 July) we will look at the topic of grief from a Christian perspective. It is also a supper evening, so join us from 6:15pm for tea/coffee, with the service properly starting at 6:30pm. Light snacks and treats for supper after the service. (Supper nights are usually on the 3rd […]

Morning Series – The Gospel According to Zechariah

On Sunday 23 July we will begin a new sermon series in the morning. For Term 3 we will be looking at the first eight chapters of Zechariah. There will be a series of Bible studies coordinated with the sermons. Zechariah is not the easiest book in the Bible, and so in this series, the sermons […]

Jesus Tempted by the Devil (Luke 4:1-13)

At our evening service on Sunday (2 July) we will start a 3-part sermon series on Luke 4:1-13, where Jesus is tempted by the devil. Join us at 6:30pm! 2 July – “the desires of the flesh” 9 July – “the desires of the eyes” 16 July – “pride of life” You can download audio from […]